Dominari is an upcoming on chain RTS on Solana that’s planning on releasing the first playable season with Kyogen Clash on March 20.

To register, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Players will be selected and airdropped a Backpack xNFT Collectible that will serve as a game launcher from their wallet!

Wen Game?

Games will start at a specified time on Fridays and will finish in 1-4 hours, depending on how players interact with the game. When players register, they’ll be auto assigned a clan; this will determine their starting units and what spawn points they can use.

Players from the same clan can still hurt each other, so being on large clans only has the benefit that you get access to more spawn points.


The goal for the game is to gather as much Solarite from Meteor Strikes on the map as possible. Players fight against each other to capture this resource.

When on a Meteor, players can “Mine” it periodically for Solarite. This can be used at Heal Stations to heal their units, or at Portals to teleport around the map.

Map Structures

On the map there are different kinds of “Structures”.


Spend Solarite and Portal to any other Portal


Spend Solarite to heal your unit up to their max health.


No cost, but has timer cooldown. Loot the building to get more units.